SAMPREETHE the author

Everything  Boy is a fictional novel that was published recently.  The author of the novel SAMPREETHE  who is a 10 years old, studies in 5th Std at The Schram Academy , Nolambur has written  the novel at the age of 8.  The novel was published as a kindle version in Amazon last year and this year the novel has come out in the paperback format.  Sampreethe got her nose in books at a very young age.  As she quips that “no friend is as loyal as a book” she loves to be surrounded by the company of books all the time.  Her appetite for reading is overwhelming that she used to read a novel a day.  Her die-hard passion for reading played a substantial role in crafting her writing skills as well, hence she started a blog at the age of 6 to express her views through book reviews, composing poems, short stories, articles etc…   the link of which is

Now, coming back to the novel, it travels into an imaginary world with many interesting characters, this is a story of a super hero that we never heard or seen before.  Sampreethe has written this novel keeping in mind the reader inside her. The suspense, thrills and excitement that she expects in a novel is what you will cherish while reading everything boy. The book is available online The support and space given to Sampreethe at school is a huge motivational factor that helps her to develop the talent that she possesses.