No bag day

This day is greatly enjoyed by the students every year.  The fact that they do not have to carry books to school fills them with a sense of freedom and joy. They also look forward to the activities that the teachers design and conduct painstakingly.  The activities are intended to be fun and educative.

For our Kindergartners ‘jump as you say the alphabet’ activity was conducted. This was based on gross motor skill. It helps students expertise in alphabets and is also a good physical exercise, not to mention the fun element. They also enjoyed coloring the picture of their choice.

For our 1st graders, the children were blindfolded and encouraged to identify the sizes of various objects and as part of English activity, they played ‘rolling the dice’ to learn different types of nouns.

Our 2nd graders   brought their favourite vegetables from home and as a group tried to classify them. A quiz was also conducted. Later they enjoyed doing a coloring activity in which the children could experience the joy of creating their own colors by mixing the primary colors.

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