Professional Development Programme

The Schram Teachers’ Academy for Research and Training

START is a faculty development programme that focuses on ensuring that all members of the teaching faculty on all campuses aspire to improve both their understanding and incorporation of teaching practices that are found to be time-tested and workable in real-time classroom situations.
It is indeed heartwarming to note that over the years the noble and earnest objective behind creating START has indeed been effectively served, thereby consistently bringing about an overall transformation in the mind set ofambitious teachers by successfully upgrading their foundation in contemporary educational theory, practice and forms of assessment.


Visiting Foreign Faculty



The Visiting Foreign Faculty Workshop was organized exclusively for TSA teachers handling classes 5 to 10 
from 10 – 16 August, 2017. The prime areas of focus were reflective skills, the incorporation of basic 
thinking skills and feedback in the classroom in the lesson taught. Classroom reflective skill 
applications such as mentimeter and speedate were demonstrated. Videos on ‘Learning to Think’ followed by a comparing exercise to choose the better lesson viewed induced reflection. The basic thinking skills 
were posted in the Kahoot , anchor cards were prepared related to different skills, the do’s and don’ts 
were discussed and video of a lesson incorporating basic thinking skills was shown. Clarity was thus 
gained regarding the designing of a basic thinking skill module in a lesson. Around 20 classroom 
assessment techniques were introduced and teachers were encouraged to try any 2 CAT’s and provide their feedback. Teachers were encouraged to develop a Growth Mindset.