Extracurricular Activities

Club Activities Finale at the TSA

he students of TSA Ayanambakkam Cambridge school campus show cased the skills they had learnt throughout the year from  their clubs at the colourful grand 'Club Activity Finale' on 26.02.19. 

Students of classes I - VIII from the Health, Science, Maths, Art, Quiz, Disaster management & Eco clubs had arranged their exhibits in stalls.The Music, Literary, orchestra, Taek Won-Do clubs went on stage to put their talents under the limelight. 

The event was formally inaugurated by cutting of the ribbon by Ms Cynthia Samuel, Director, Kanal 10 TV South India and Mr Thomas Larsson, Director, Kanal 10 TV Asia Region, from Sweden, who addressed the parents and students to channelise the energy of our future generation positively One student from each club, reported their learning experiences and outcomes. 

 Activities during Club 

TSA believes that participation in extracurricular activities enables students to develop talents that may find limited expression in a regular classroom. Club activities often require collaboration among students, making the process of involvement as important as the finished product.

Clubs keep the children busy, active and healthy. During the club sessions, the children are safe and are engaged in learning under the guidance of their teachers.

Let's get a fleeting glimpse of the various clubs at TSA.

Health and Nature Club: This club involves general discussions about nature and health and how mankind has contributed towards the destruction of both. Bioluminescence, fire clouds, light poles, safety precautions, healthy cooking and eating are some of the topics that were covered as a part of this club activity in the form of video shows followed by discussions and group activities.

Theatre club: Educational theatre and drama has an impact on various key competencies of students. It builds communication in the English language. As students learn drama it helps improve their interpersonal, intercultural and social competencies, civic competencies and widens their cultural expression, Vocabulary exercises, miming , dumb charades, scripting, enacting plays and also watching short films followed by discussions, are some of the activities that were a part of this club.

Math Club: Mathematics is a rich and multifaceted subject, with a variety of applications in occupational, practical, and recreational fields. Math club presents math in a fun, logic-puzzle fashion that alleviates pressure on the students and is generally enjoyable. The art of problem solving is the main emphasis which fortifies basic concepts and stimulates the application of concepts with the help of a wide range of fun-filled activities.

Science Club: Experimenting and first-hand learning through experience is the foundation of this club which has the maximum number of participating students. Research, cause-and-effect analysis, debates and quizzing play pivotal roles in this club. All of these activities being hands-on, the children are truly motivated.It helps them to think in groups and come out with ideas for the future.

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